As someone who’s stood with working families his entire life, Joe Biden’s support for our campaign is simply incredible.


Joe Biden is throwing his support behind our race because the stakes are too high to sit out this year – and he’s absolutely right. We need leaders in Michigan who won’t stop fighting until our schools are fully-funded, our health care is protected, and our civil and voting rights are safe. That’s the leadership I’m ready to bring to district 45. Let's do this!

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Linda Gallaher

As a resident of Rochester for 40 years, and a small business owner for 15 years, I am proud to endorse Barb Anness for State Representative for Michigan’s 45th District.

It is imperative that we not only vote, but vote our values. We elect State Representatives to create and vote on bills that make new laws or modify existing ones, a highly important role in our State government; and a role in which we trust that our elected Representative’s judgment, integrity, and principle will serve to embrace the concerns and interests of her constituents.

Not only does Barb bring life experience, commitment and leadership to this appointment, but a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and awareness as well. Barb’s experience as Trustee for the Rochester Board of Education, her many Statewide PTA positions, and several other community service enlistments, highlight her longstanding history of public service to our community. Please join me in support of Barb Anness for State Representative for Michigan’s 45th District.

Marc Katz

Having lobbied in both Lansing and Washington, DC on educational issues, Barb has a true understanding of what is best for all students, teachers, other staff and administrators. Barb will bring a fresh voice and perspective to Lansing and will work across the aisle for the benefit of all in the education community.

Ginger Ketelsen
I find Barb Anness to be value centered, knowledgeable and experienced. I believe she would represent our community well in the Michigan Legislature.
Kristin Newer
Barb brings experience and wisdom to the table. Her leadership skills are well proven.
Marianne Maurer

I believe Barb has the unique quality to listen to both sides of an issue and do what is fair for all. Barb has the ability and courage to leave her comfort zone if she knows it will keep a promise made or serve the common good.

Barb Pacella

I've know Barb for over 10 years; she is intelligent, hard working and most importantly she has developed necessary skills for governing through her work on our school board.

James Parker

I’ve known Barb since she and Tim moved into our neighborhood over twenty years ago. She has worked hard to ensure that the children in our community get the best possible education during her tenure as a trustee on the RCS Board of Education. If elected to the State House, she will bring the same level of conviction and hard work to her advocacy for all people in our district. Plus she’s a genuinely nice person who listens. We need her in Lansing as much as we’ve needed her here at home, to represent everyone’s voice. There are a lot of moving parts to legislation, and I’m confident that Barb is up to the task.

Mary Purdom Dykstra

Barb has experience to support needed actions to move Michigan forward. She will work for everyone.

Martina Alcode

Daniel Bucksbaum

David Bucksbaum

Jill Dunphy

Debra Gash

Lisa Kiefer

John Stanley

Katheryn Zielinski

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