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Ravi Yalamanchi

Rochester Hills City Council, 

As an independent voter, and a Rochester Hills resident that has invested
in the community, and as a former Rochester Hills City Council member
and OPC Treasurer and Commissioner, I proudly endorse Barb Anness to represent the greater Rochester Area, 45th District, in the State Legislature.

We need a leader who will make rebuilding Michigan a top priority and bring
it into the 21st century. We need a leader that acts now and not someone who will collect a paycheck and promise results later. We need a leader who puts people first and will make Michigan competitive again.


Barb is a compassionate leader with integrity and experience. As a small business owner and a Trustee of Rochester Community Schools, she understands the importance of investing in ourfuture to ensure that the economic engine grows and uplifts the quality of life for every Michigander.


I ask all my fellow residents in the Greater Rochester Area to please join me and support Barb’s campaign. Let’s help Barb Anness get elected to the Michigan House and be our next State Representative in 2020!

Ravi Yalamanchi

Rochester Hills City Council, 2005-2013

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