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Fall in Michigan without
Cider & Donuts?
Not if we can help it!
Join us for Cider & Donuts *in-person * meet up with Barb and special guest Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist!
Mask and social distancing will be required. Rochester Hills location, details sent after ticketing. Space is limited.
Reserve your spot today!
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Just 100 short years ago, the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote. How we exercise this right and stand with women in the fight for equity and justice continues to make history today. I'm asking 100 donors to contribute $100 to my campaign, to help us ensure the next 100 years reflects the gender equality women have been fighting for over more than a century. Will you be one of the 100? 

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg was once asked when she thought there would be "enough" women on the Supreme Court, she replied, "When there are nine." I think this holds true in any public office. We'll only have "enough" women in these roles when we are given equal opportunity and consideration as our male peers. I hope you will consider supporting me as I work to re-write history for women in a small way, as a female voice representing the 45th district for only the second time in history. There's no time to spare - we can't wait 100 more years for women to be adequately represented in politics. The time is now. 

Join us for a virtual Community Conversation every Saturday

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In light of the ongoing corona virus outbreak in Michigan and the Governor's social distancing order, we are suspending our in person events. But you can now join the conversation online and participate in our virtual Community Conversation.  

They will be held every Saturday from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. 
Go to and get the link to our next one this Saturday from 1-2 pm.


Log on, reach out, and we'll get through this together. 


Thanks to LoChirco Custom Home Builders for hosting our Cookies & Cocoa meet and greet and to all who stopped by to warm up with some hot cocoa and cookies!


Thanks to South Street Skateshop for hosting my first campaign event and to all those that attended. Together we will FLIP the 45th!

Thank You for your support!


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