“We invest in that which we value”


Protect and Advocate for strong public-school education.


This is at the core of who I am.


As a Rochester Community Schools’ elected official, a regional and statewide education leader, and as your state representative, I will stay laser focused on this issue, as I have for over 20 years.


Defend our need for safe and sound communities for businesses and residents to grow and prosper. Your family’s safety on our roads can’t take a back seat, nor can shoring up bridges, delivering safe drinking water, building renewable energy and other infrastructure imperatives.


Protect vital natural resources in the communities we call home and for the families we love.


I will safeguard our future through responsible sustainable development, safe drinking water and clean air.  And good stewardship of our natural resources makes good business sense!

Public Safety

Work collaboratively to save lives, while retaining the right to own a firearm.


With common-sense gun reform legislation, we can disarm domestic abusers, maintain permit requirements and close gun sale loopholes. [We must act now to keep this district and all Michigan communities safe].

Ethics and 

Advance a civil discourse in Lansing, that provides transparency, and ethical and fiscally responsible government.

End the lame duck session which provides less than thoughtful outcomes; limit the influence of lobbyists; and insist on public servants’ transparent disclosure of conflicts of interest.

Quality of Life

Put people first – and develop family and age-friendly communities. Land use, housing and transportation must serve all populations, and are key to allowing our seniors to age in place. As your representative in Lansing, I will work to ensure statewide policies support the best quality of life for all, but especially those most vulnerable. 


Protect the full spectrum of health care needs; (social, emotional and physical) for all our citizens. Let’s finally destigmatize mental health care, and regulate deadly substances, like opioids, to improve the quality of life for all Michiganders.


Strengthen and grow our economy by ensuring Michigan has the right workforce at the right time.


Let’s get there with the right training and opportunities, such as apprenticeship programs, and local and regional workforce agencies. Match this with innovative business opportunities that have an eye toward social responsibility, it’s a win-win for all.

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