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Advance a civil discourse in Lansing, that provides transparency, and ethical and fiscally responsible government.

Michigan is ranked among the lowest states in the nation in transparency and accountability from our government. Due to a lack of oversight and transparency, unethical practices like conflicts of interest, lame duck legislation, and government officials not being held accountable for their actions have become a normal part of government.


Make legislators and the executive branch subject to FOIA

Transparency is a foundation of our democracy, and Michigan voters and taxpayers have every right to know what goes on with our government. Currently, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) does not extend to the state legislature or Governor’s office, which prevents any of our elected officials from being held accountable for their actions.


Eliminate conflicts of interest in the state legislature.

When you have individuals in the legislature who have or have recently had a professional tie to an industry, that is a conflict of interest. Lobbyists and large special interest groups have far too much influence in legislation which often contradict the needs of the people of Michigan.


End lame duck sessions which result in reckless legislation.

Our government has a shameful pattern of passing lame duck legislation during the period between elections and the following January, in an attempt to fast track legislation that would otherwise never go through a bipartisan committee. Legislation that has already been debated or discussed in committee and being considered at the time of the election should be the only legislation passed during this period. 


Regardless of which party passes it, lame duck legislation is always partisan in nature and it is always wrong. It circumvents the legitimate processes which the people expect out of the representatives they elect, and contributes to citizen distrust of our government. The outcomes of lame duck legislation are almost always not positive for constituents.


End legislative stalling to redraw districts.

The people of our state have spoken on the issue of gerrymandering, and the state should enact the will of the majority by creating a non-partisan committee to redraw the district lines.



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