Work collaboratively to save lives while retaining the right to own a firearm.

Even with a relatively low crime rate, no community is immune from gun deaths, including suicide, accidental shootings, and cases of domestic abuse and murder with a gun. We can pass common sense legislation that can disarm domestic abusers, maintain permit requirements, and close gun sale loopholes. Voluntary gun buybacks are also a viable option to get unnecessary weapons out of homes which pose a threat to children or vulnerable people, in an attempt to reduce the amount of accidental shootings and suicides (totaling 59% of all gun deaths in Michigan.)

Our society is ready to take the steps to protect those who are most vulnerable.

Women in domestic violence situations, in the process of getting divorced, or estranged from their partner or spouse. There is no doubt that someone who has a known history of abuse or domestic violence should not have access to a gun.

We need to explore “red flag” laws.

We need to authorize the  courts to order the seizure of firearms if there’s reasonable cause (brought by close friends or family) that the person poses a significant risk to themselves or others. There must also be safeguards to ensure there will be no room for abuse and false accusations leading to the seizure of firearms. The Oakland County Sheriff's Department has recommended that Michigan develop common-sense ‘red flag’ proposals.

We need to prioritize solutions that will work in our community.

Allocate funds for hiring more school counselors, social workers and resource officers, and school security enhancements. Placing mental health professionals in our schools is a critical step in identifying and helping troubled students before it’s too late. Putting more sheriffs and police on school property will keep our children safer, and help prevent tragedies before they happen. In addition, we should make it mandatory for all school threats to be reported to law enforcement, and a graduated penalty range for those who threaten schools, as well as mandatory mental health evaluations for individuals who make threats.



It's time to listen to the recommendations put forth by the Oalkand County Sheriff's Department.

We should take measures recommended by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department to increase school safety and reform gun legislation, including expand universal criminal background checks to cover all firearm sales, including long guns, and closing the private sale loophole. We must enforce criminal background checks by establishing sentencing guidelines for background check changes.

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